Monday, October 12, 2009

Where Is Shirley Now? In 1961 She Was Dancing!

Here are a couple of shots of Shirley at the dance studio. Again, these are scanned off the contact sheet. The Ricoh 4x4 camera was loaded with Tri-X, I'd just gotten interested in photography a couple of months earlier, and I had no ideas what I was doing!

I got this in an email from Kay, who was our our mutual friend back half a century ago.

"Hi Al,

As for Shirley Seigel, she's been MIA for a long time. I often go back for high school reunions, and she's been on the list that they post of "do you know where these people are?" for ages!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the idea to scan the contact sheets is good because with all, sorry some dust spot snd a few scratch conveys more hte feeling of the time which has...gone.
A clean (photoshopped) negative scan would not give the same emotion, even if more "perfect".
This is my view, probably related to my age (60) and some "nostalgia" ...
I enjoy very much yous serie Al, please keep posting !
grazie e ciao
robert blu (from RFF), italy

3:14 PM  

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