Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cheap Film

I was thinking that it was about time for Walgreens or K-mart or CVS or SOMEBODY to have a sale on cheap color film. I was about out. My fridge had milk, eggs, and butter but no film. The inserts in the Sunday paper had this CVS 200 film at $4.99 a four pack. They also had faster films on sale, but I'm so used to doing the color shots for this blog with 200 speed film I decided not to spend extra for faster film.

Supposedly Fuji makes this film for CVS, and they probably make Walgreens, K-mart, and several other chains film. I grabbed five packages, paid the clerk, and was on my way. Between cheap rebranded Fuji film and Merna's expertise at my local Walgreens one-hour we get all these gorgeous color shots here on thepriceofsilver!

And then there are the times when I use neither film nor camera, like this picture of the film boxes. It was just too easy to put the film boxes directly on the scanner's glass and then scan the image of them.

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Blogger Omababe said...

I shoot film exclusively, and yes I often times use the Walgreens rebranded Fuji 200 as my carry-everywhere camera film. We do have a new CVS opening a couple blocks from work, so I'll probably price shop the two. :)

11:47 PM  

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