Monday, January 02, 2006

hieroglyphics in the doctors office

"No limit may be set to art, neither is there any craftsman that is fully master of his craft" The Instruction of Ptahhotep

And sometimes maybe that there is always a greater challenge in our craft is what keeps us grounded in our work. There is always a better idea, something else to try. I'd photographed the nurse taking my blood pressure and my doctor examining on my previous visit. When I saw these anatomical charts on the wall they had an other worldly look to them, a certain unreality about them, a timelessness that I wanted to juxtapose with my own mortality, the fragility of life itself. I set the focus on the 15mm lens closer even than I was, so I was near the extreme limit of depth of field, causing the charts to blurr a bit and look less clinical, less like medical illustrations.


Blogger Frank Granovski said...

How true about things to remind us of the fragility of life, especially in the doctor's office: the family doctor, dentist, veterinarian; and worse, the dreaded specialist's office. Strangely, many doctors also decorate their offices with artwork, in an attempt to counter the clinical look, and doctors seem to have good taste in art, such with paintings---or perhaps they can afford the good stuff and hire a professional decorator. Next time you're in the office, do take a nice picture of the new nurse and post it here. :)

3:47 AM  
Blogger ChainLinkFence said...

What I'd like to see the next time you're in the office, is a photo of you in front of this photo, printed nice and big and framed on the office wall!

3:12 AM  

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