Monday, January 15, 2007

In Honor Of Martin Luther King

Back in 1970 it was a very different world, both for blacks and for whites. The legacy of people like Dr. Martin Luther King was still fresh in peoples minds, officially sanctioned segregation was largely history, but to say there was equality? No way! As the battle continued leaders like the Rev. Ralph Abernathy emerged, following in the path forged by Dr. King. Younger, more impatient leaders came along also, like the Rev. Jesse Jackson (pictured above) wearing his trademark dashiki and big Afro hair style. At the extreme were groups like the Black Panthers and the Black Afro Militant Movement (B.A.M.M.) wanting power now, and some even espousing setting up black controlled areas of the country while others were trying to get a Back to Africa movement going. They wanted nothing to do with Whitey.

You can read all aout my experiences back then, with photos, in the three links below. Things are very diferent today. There are now plenty of blacks (maybe not enough, though) attending college, holding political office, working in science, industry, and education. Neighborhoods are increasingly integrated, and mixed race couples and their children have become a common sight. Thank you Dr. King!


Blogger Al Kaplan said...

A couple of people Emailed asking what lens I used, since most of my stuff is shot with Leicas and and shorter lenses. I used to also have a Pentax body. I'm not sure if I was still using a 200/3.5 Rokunar or had already bought a 180/2.8 Zeiss Jena Sonnar when I shot this one, but it's not a "Leica shot". It was pretty bright in there because the TV guys had set up their lights.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

180mm F2.8 and Zeiss! Nice lens, I bet.

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