Sunday, February 22, 2009

BIG News! North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns Running for Senate!

I know that I've been remiss in writing on the blog the last few days but my friend Robin is in town visiting from Vero Beach. She's being real good about not "straightening up" the place. She knows that I know which "pile of junk" has what things hidden in it, and that I'd never find a damned thing if the place was suddenly "neat". It's OK for her to pick things up and dust them, but then they have to go back exactly where they were before. Anyway, I WILL get caught up, and then head on to the next Big Project working as Monkette's assistant in her political consulting business.

Two years ago North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns was running for re-election and Monkette and I took lotsd of photographs, posted them on The Price of Silver, and covered the election campaign as if Monkette was in fact the campaign chairwoman, hadling everything from strategy to publicity. It seems that if you googled just about any combination of kew words trying to find out some news about the North Miami mayoral race you'd find The Price of Silver at the top of the list followed by the Miami Herald's story of the day. Yup, more people were following this blog thanthe Miami Herald!

Kevin is now up against term limits ~ no more than two consecutive terms ~ and he's decided to run for a senate seat. Monkette is really excited about the possibilities!


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