Monday, February 16, 2009

A Final Drink As A Free Man 2/21/81

I was about to marry Mia Ward and my long time friend John Patteson had said that yes, he would be best man at the wedding. The occasion was such that John and I both got our hair "styled" and wore suits. I even bought a new one! In this shot we were having a few drinks in preperation for the wedding.

Mia's dad was an Airforce colonel stationed at Homestead Airforce Base. We got married in the base chapel. My friend Father Philemon Payiatis from the Greek Orthodox Church here in North Miami drove the forty or so miles south to Homestead to perform the ceremony. Leon Finklestein was the photographer. He had a thing for liking cheap Yashicamats but he got some good pictures out of them. The marriage lasted about a year. John is still single. He's a smart man!

This is scanned off of a pretty well faded 8x10 print that's been hiding in an album for close to thirty years. I have no idea where Mia is these days.

Thankfully I have friends that are members of the clergy and friends that are attornies. It helps to make multiple weddings and divorces more affordable.

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