Monday, February 09, 2009

My Dad's Three Older Brothers, Circa 192?

My dad was the youngest of four brothers. I never did find out for sure if Grandma Kaplan was making a final attempt at getting a daughter or if my father was just an accident. She may well have only planned on two children, but the second pregnancy produced identical twin boys, Sydney (usually a girl's name spelling, but that's how she wanted it) and Nathan. Seymour was the oldest.

Actually, the third pregnancy was an accident theory might well be the real truth because there was such as long gap between the second and third pregnancies. My dad would have barely been a toddler when this picture was taken.

Seymore always had wavy hair. That's him on the left. As to which one is Sydney and which one is Nathan? I have no idea. They're twins, right?

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