Sunday, February 08, 2009

Can't Smoke Inside, Can't Drink Outside? Selective Enforcement!

The last Friday of the month the City of North Miami hosts an evening jazz concert outside of the art museum and tthere's a Gallery Walk where all the art galleries stay open late. You can either wander around on your own or take the guided walk. It's also the night when galleries open new exhibits.
I was in froint of Mario Flores' Gallery wher I had some photographs hanging on the wall. It's against the law to smoke inside these days. Several of us kept wandering outside to light up. That's when you discover how many people there really are who "gave up smoking, honest, but could I bum one off of you?"
We carried our wine glasses out with us. Of course it's against the law to drink alcaholic beverages outside on the sidewalk. We were directly across the street from City Hall, half a block from the Police Station. Talk about flaunting the law! If this had been a blue collar bar we all would have spent the night in jail. Somehow or another the rules are different when you're dealing with art collectors, business owners, lawyers, doctors, acountants, and the like. They just kept wandering in and out of galleries, wine glass in hand. But they made damned sure that they didn't smoke inside. At least you can smoke in a real bar!

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