Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boston ~ December, 1964, Cold, Snow, And A Warm New Wife

It was cold in Boston the winter of 1964. I'd been working at Zeff Photo Supply for about a year Before I worked there Joe Lopes worket there. Like me he was originally from New Beford although I didn't know him from there. He'd stop by Zeff on occasion, sometimes with his kid, shown in strip 706. Joe was best man at my wedding to Stephanie. The next three strips show my new bride Stephanie doing a taste test of that night's dinner. We had an apartment at 3 Willis Terrace, behind the Roxbury Courthouse.
Most of the other pictures are just depicting the snow on the Boston Commons.
I have no idea whatever happened to Joe. When my son Jonathan moved to the Boston area a few years ago he chacked out a few of my old haunts. Willis Terrace still has the same three story house behind the courthouse. Zeff long ago moved from 36 Bromfield Street, the old "photo district", to a new location out in the suburbs. Shortly after I took these pictures I got a new job in the photo lab at Boston Blueprint Company at 777 Boylston Street. The work wasn't as interesting, but I got a 33% boost in my income! I had a new wife to support.

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