Monday, February 09, 2009

Pen and Ink Sketches On The Streets Of Boston By Donald Kaplan

After high school my dad spent a couple of years at art school in Boston. I suppose if I heard the school's name I'd recognize it, but off hand I can't recollect what it was. Most all of his art work from that period of his life either disintegrated from poor quality acidic paper, or more likely got thrown out by my grandmother during the years that my dad was in India and the Marrianna Islands during World War Two.
All that is left is a framed 20 X 24 charcoal portrait of my dad by one of his classmates, signed Turkle 37, and this page of quick pen and ink sketches. He said it was an assignment for class and he always loved it.
For awhile in the mid nineten-fifties he got interested in pottery, developing a unique geometric incised design in the pottery, together with matt glazes in mostly earthen hues. A couple of his pieces are in the collection of the Rhode Island School of Design. He used to give them to friends. I still have several pieces.

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