Thursday, February 19, 2009

Recycling North Miami's Recycling Program

(Shhhh! I lifted the story from Counciman Scott Galvin's website.)

North Miami Adopts Fresh New Recycling Program
Get ready for some excitement from an area that normally doesn't provide it. Recycling in North Miami is about to become fun...and earn YOU benefits!

Starting in 2009, our city will implement a new recycling program with the help of RecycleBank.

Our Public Works Department has for 20 years operated a curb-side recycling program for our residents. Over that period, the percentage of residents that participate in this program has been minimal.

But with the new RecycleBank program, our new program would go automated in 2009. Residents will each get a new 96-gallon roll out container and a new automated collection vehicle will pick them up.

But here's the fun part!

RecycleBank provides an incentive to residents who recycle by sending them coupons redeemable at local merchants, like IKEA, Coca-Cola, and more. The amount of th ecouplon is dependenton the amount of recycling the resident generates.

And there are savings for us, too!

The more we recycle, the less goes into our garbage dumps. And the less garbage we put out, the less the City pays for disposal of it. North Miami Public Works Department has also entered into a contract with Waste Management to deliver our recyclables to their new Hialeah facility and the city will be compensated for the tonnage delivered. In the past, the City was not financially compensated for the recyclables that we disposed of, but we did not have to pay to dispose of them either. Now we will generate a revenue with the sale of the recycling and reduce our garbage disposal costs.

The new program will start only with single-family residences, not multi-family residences or commercial locations. Pick-up will be changed from once-per-week to twice-per-month.

And where are recyclables used? RecycleBank tells us that products are used in park benches, paper plates, garbage bins, boat docks, and more. They are also working with Coca-Cola to recycle their own cans into new ones.
Now we'll just have to wait and see if the citizens are motivated enough. The last time around the city spent a fortune on containers. Everybody got one. They were just the right size to store things in the garage and a dozen other uses. You hardly ever saw one sitting outside on pick-up day.

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