Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Elena, Our First Child

My mother had always wanted another child, a daughter, but it never came to pass. After I was born she never managed to get pregnant again. Instead, she spoiled me. She was ecstatic when Elena was born! If she couldn't have a daughter of her own at least she'd have a granddaughter to cuddle, show off to her friends, and play with. My wife Stephanie had a daughter to feed, bathe and change diapers. I soon got drafted also, and learned the fine art of diaper changing.

Now my son Jonathan, with a bit of help from his wife Deborah, has turned me into a grandfather, but my mother passed a way about a dozen years too soon to meet Gabriella, her great-granddaughter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

stories, memories, things which belongs to the past, which belong to us: it is the power, I would say better the magicien of photography...like a time machine for our emotions...
robert blu, from italy (

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Jennifer Banich-Hall said...

I Iove looking at all of your photos! I grew up in North Miami in the 70s and now live in Atlanta. When I was around five years old, a photographer snapped my pic at the Dinner Key Antique Show while I was sitting in my parents' booth. I am quite sure the photo ran in the North Dade paper. I was wearing a peacock feathered hat. Could you check and see if that was you who took that picture?

6:28 AM  

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