Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Councilman Jean Marcellus, The FDLE Investigation And The Seventeen Page Report, The Friendly Fist Of Henrietta Lacey

It appears that while nobody denies that one of Jean Marcellus's PAID campaign workers slugged me, because there was no independent witness to the punch itself. The standards of evidence in a civil case could probably be met but Henrietta Lacey, the bitch who punched me, doesn't appear to have a pot to piss in. Marcellus denies that he is responsible for her actions. If she was a PAID campaign worker why in hell wouldn't the candidate share some responsibility, or just be a mensch and assume the responsibility? Does he have too much to lose?

Ms Lacey, it seems, isn't even a resident of the City of North Miami. Why would she campaign for Marcellus if she's not being paid? Come on Jean, tell us what's really going on. Be honest. God only knows that there are more than enough dishonest political imposters to go around. North Miami doesn't need any!

Jean Marcellus, be a mensch. Be responsible for Lacey's actions. Apologize to me publicly. Reimburse me for my medical bills. Maybe, just maybe, you won't have to kiss your political career bye bye. I'm a Scorpio and we don't give up. You know how to find me. Thanks.

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