Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Little Yellow Bugs

Truly Nolen is one of the larger extermination companies around here, and for years they used bright yellow Volkswagen "Beetles" as the official company car. It must have been a trauma of major proportions to the company when VW stopped making them. As soon as the "New Beetle" was introduced bright yellow beetles sporting mouse ears became a common sight on Miami's streets once more.

Well, it was obvious that my house had termites again. You could see the piles of droppings, like sawdust, in places on the floor near wooden things like door frames. About every 8 to 10 years I go through the ritual of calling Truly Nolan, a guy shows up in a yellow VW, inspects the house, and says "Yup, you've got termites!" I gave him a credit card number, signed some papers, and got a date for the tenting where they cover the house with huge tarps and fill it with it with poison gas for two days. I had to remove all the opened containers of food from the fridge and elsewhere, make sure the cat was outside, and hope that no opossum or racoon is camping out in the attic. They can smell pretty bad a few days later!

I camped out at my ex's house for a couple of days, and Baby is an "outside" cat anyway so she guarded the house. The next morning I stopped by to give her food and fresh water. Finally the tarps came off and I'm back home again.


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