Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Jonathan

June 24th is my son Jonathan's birthday. He's 33 years old, the same age that I was when he was born.

As I was sorting through the contact sheets a few weeks ago looking for pictures to post on thepriceofsilver I wondered what would it look like if I scanned the contact sheets, then cropped out a few frames, made them bigger, and posted the images. It might be interesting to see several shots in a row, as they were shot! I decided not to "clean them up" or increase the contrast. This is the way they look.

In the top picture Stephanie is teaching Jonathan to eat solid food from a spoon. Below that Patty is playing with him. She now has grown kids of her own.

Last night she called after seeing some of these pictures posted on the blog. She wants to get some prints. "For the memories." I'm thinking maybe I should tell her to come over and print them herself. When I first met her she was a student at Barry College taking a photography class. She wanted to use my darkroom for a special project she was working on. That was close to forty years ago. The sink, the enlargers, everything is where it was back then. She might even enjoy doing it!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I used your darkroom because I had fractured my 5th metatarsal in my right foot and was wearing a cast. It was difficult hobbling around with it so you offered the use of your darkroom. Thanks!!! I've forgotten how to print. The easiest would be to take it to a one hour photo place. My, how the years have gone by. It's hard to believe that Jonathan is 33. Happy Birthday, Jonathan!!! If he is 33, that puts me OVER 50 but I feel grrrrreeeeaaaattttttt!!!!

7:43 AM  

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