Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shooting All The Politicians (With Pleasure!)

Years back the term for this kind of shot (at least amongst photographers) was an Execution. You just lined 'em up and shot 'em!

Pam Solomon handles the public relations for the City of North Miami. We'd just held city elections and I needed some blog fodder. Pam needed some pictures for the newspapers. Thepriceofsilver has wider distribution (world wide!) and probably more followers and readership than anything Pam produces. Sorry, Pam.

The very beginning of the city council meeting is when they give awards and make proclamations. Our new mayor, Andre Pierre (That's him in the center, light colored suit, holding the proclamation), quickly got in the groove, presenting a proclamation to this delegation from some city in Haiti. I should have made notes, but I can always ask Pam and edit this piece later. Andre will quickly learn to put up with my sometimes sarcastic, snide and flippant remarks ,because he can't fire me, the blog has a wide local following, and one of the local Haitian Kreyole papers uses my photos, and sometimes they just translate my copy, with my permission of course. I get a few bucks, the paper gets it's story, and the political establishment puts up with me. Everybody's a winner!


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