Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rubik's Cube ~ More Fascinating Than Females

I hadn't seen a Rubik's Cube in at least thirty years. Suddenly there it was, right at the next table. These two young gentlemen were totally absorbed in solving it, or trying to anyway. Back in 1974 it was without doubt the fad of the year. People everywhere were twisting and turning as the attempted to get each face of the cube a solid color. You'd figure out how to get one face, perhaps two faces, but all six? No1 likely! What the hell, it gave you something to do with your hands while you listened to some good rock music. It was cheaper than smoking pot. Girls never much seemed interested in doing it, although I've known a couple of them that could take one look at a 'cube's six faces, make a few deft twists this way and that, and there it was! Six solid colored cube faces. It's true. Girls minds are different. Solve the cube? Big deal!

Those two young ladies finished their coffee, got up, and left. These guys were still twisting and turning. Someday they'll learn!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to get picky Al, but don't you mean 1984 for the Rubiks cube?

Although it was invented in 1974, it wasn't made up and released in toy shops until 1977 - and then only in toy shops in Budapest. It wasn't until they signed a deal with Ideal Toys in 1979 that it went global. The early '80s were when it really became big.

As you probably remember the '70s were multi-colored, but never square!

2:07 PM  

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