Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Security System SCAM ALERT!

I've had an ADT Security alarm system on my house for five years at least, no problems. Today there was a loud knocking on my door. There stood Kevin Meyers, telling me that he was there to upgrade my system and install a new control box because my box was old and that Pinnacle had taken over monitoring service from ADT.

He asked way to many questions and wanted my credit card number. He told me that it would be cheaper than I was now paying but threw out a figure that was more than I'd been paying. I asked him for more identification and he showed me a different one of those cards in the picture. I asked for a drivers license. He didn't have one with him. He'd been dropped off to canvas the neighborhood, he said, and went back into his memorized sales pitch. I told him that I didn't believe him, yet he didn't want me calling ADT to check out his story. He just plain didn't want to give up! I guess he knew that there wouldn't be all that many people home mid-afternoon on a Wednesday, I was home, and he wasn't going to give up!

Finally, I grabbed the cards hanging around his neck and jerked them free from the nylon webbing. Actually, the clasp broke. I told him to get the F out of the neighborhood or I'd call the police. He took off on foot, nearly running. I called Pinnacle. They told me that he needed "retraining" but took down the information I gave them. Then I called ADT. They told me flat out it was a scam. Pinnacle was going to every house with an ADT sign and trying to scam the homeowner. They also said that Pinnacle wasn't the only company doing that. If you have a security system be careful!

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Anonymous Dennis Wong said...

Glad that you were home and things are fine. Scammers are everywhere particularly with this type of economy. Take care.
Dennis (From HK)

11:14 PM  
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