Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Visiting Publix, My Coke Dealer

I know that I'm a caffeine addict. I started drinking coffee as a toddler, when my grandfather would put a bit into an egg cup when he fixed his own afternoon brew. I just loved the flavor! I guess I liked the kick too. I still drink it from morning to night, usually nursing a luke-warm cup for hours.

When the weather is hot I drink a lot of cola, another good source of caffeine! I prefer the slightly tart taste of Coke over the sweetness of Pepsi, but I can't turn down a bargain. When Publix supermarkets had Pepsi 12 packs of cans on sale for 5/$10 instead of $3.70 each I picked up 5. A few weeks later I guess I still had 3 left, but Coke was on sale at 4/$10, still a good deal! When Mary called me to take her grocery shopping I didn't need much myself, but it was the excuse I needed to buy the Coke. As Mary wandered the aisles picking up her weekly groceries (mostly food for her cats) I finished my shopping and went out front to have a smoke.

It's just as well that they had all these sales because it's about the mildest winter I know of, with daily temperatures in the upper 70's to around 90, more like summer than winter. I'm drinking a bit less coffee and a lot more cola!


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